MOB’s Big Hurdle: The Affordable Care Act & Its Effects on Healthcare Real Estate
    Author: Jason Anzalone
    Commercial Executive Magazine
    A roundtable of industry experts, including Irgens’ V.P. Jason Anzalone, discuss the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on healthcare real estate. The panel agreed that the ACA’s increased regulations and deadlines on Electronic Medical Records (EMR) implementation will accelerate existing trends. These trends include growth in M.O.B’s, technology-driven building designs, practice consolidation and patient-centered healthcare.
    Development in Small-Town America
    Author: Dave Arnold
    Development Magazine
    No two healthcare real estate projects are alike– an on-campus medical office building, an off-campus ambulatory care facility or a physician-led real estate initiative. The secret to a successful project is consistent across the board. It’s about identifying opportunities in strategic markets, working together with all stakeholders throughout the process, and investing heavily in the development of high-quality facilities from the ground up.
    Expanding Ambulatory Services, Extending Reach, and Enhancing Revenue through Development Management Strategy
    Author: Dave Arnold
    Chicago Hospital News and Healthcare Report
    The trend of off-campus facility development and ambulatory care service line deployment continues to grow. Meanwhile, the future of healthcare delivery in America takes shape. Hospitals and health systems across the country are finding it critical to consider expanding their services by extending their reach to patients to deliver this new model of care.
    From Hub to MOB: A Strategy to Extend your Hospital’s Reach
    Author: Dave Arnold
    A MOB development project is an important strategic initiative for a hospital, with broad implications. The goal should not be simply to construct a building to house the hospital’s physician services. Rather, the project should focus on a MOB’s many strategic advantages, including the ability to strengthen the hospital’s position in its market, increase the utilization of the hospital’s services, and improve the bottom line.