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A.O. Smith

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Irgens helped A.O. Smith achieve all its objectives with their Lloyd R. Smith Corporate Technology Center. Dedicated to the development of new, energy-efficient products and processes, the research and development lab will become the company’s global innovation hub. Located adjacent to the company’s world headquarters in Milwaukee, it initially looked as though the center would be located elsewhere in a more utilitarian, nondescript location. Irgens advised A.O. Smith to consider a more prominent location that wouldn’t sacrifice the functional needs of the project.

After listening closely to A.O. Smith’s specific objectives, Irgens led the process to achieve project success by working with the City of Milwaukee to recognize the retention of city jobs, securing easement rights with a neighboring property for a walking path and providing a fiber connection between corporate headquarters and the new center. Irgens also obtained new market tax credit financing, which resulted in lower rent for A.O. Smith. Every action Irgens took along the way pointed toward better overall results for the project and exceptional outcomes for A.O. Smith.


“A.O. Smith is a legacy Milwaukee company and with Irgens’ financial knowledge, creativity and commitment, we were able to realize our vision of a cost-effective, state-of-the-art facility – all while maintaining our employee base within the city and near our corporate headquarters.”

Dan Kempken | A.O. Smith Corporation