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Pronger Smith Medical Care

Tinley Park, Illinois 
Irgens was hired to perform as Development Manager and oversee all of the details related to this significant renovation and addition project. Critical tasks were to perform a full feasibility analysis to validate the project’s size and scope and carry out a two-phased development process. The Irgens team gained a solid understanding of the local market, performed a comprehensive valuation of the land and created a market-based development budget and pro forma. Additionally, the team navigated all government approval and entitlements which were significantly complicated due to extreme site constraints, managed the construction process and performed all due diligence. The outcome is an efficient, cost-effective building that will meet this client’s needs for years to come.

“I am thrilled to be working with Irgens on this important project to further increase our health practice’s reach throughout the area.”

David G. Seaman | Pronger Smith Medical Care